Respectful instead of sustainable.

We don't feel like being part of the exploitative textile industry.

The term "sustainable" is annoying. No matter where and no matter for what, this term is used everywhere. On our website you will only find this term in this section, because for us in most cases it is just blah blah.

Instead of pointing the finger at others, we would like to inspire you with our full transparency for the respectful manufacture of textiles.

Transparency instead of label jungle.

You have no time and don't want to orientate yourself in the jungle label?
We understand you.

We want you to know what you're wearing on your skin, who made the garment for you and what the true cost is.

With full product transparency, we lay the foundation so that you can make a conscious choice.

Explore our product transparency

Price transparency instead of rip-off.

Textiles are often no longer valuable.

They are produced at dumping prices on the backs of the poorest and are sold at unbelievable margins, usually 300 to 700%. This is the only way to take part in discount battles of 25-75%.

We have a different claim, because we want value creation with winners.

Find out more about price transparency

Swiss Made instead of Made in somewhere

With textiles from Switzerland, we make a contribution to the preservation of the fantastic local textile industry.

At the same time, we are supporting the training of dozens of young people. Be it as a clothing designer, businessman or textile technologist.

Not everyone can or wants to afford Swiss Made textiles. For this reason, we made a conscious decision to work with a manufacturer in Portugal.

More about Swissness

Manufactories instead of factories

The textile value chain is very complex. For example, there are at least 6 production steps from the field to the finished T-shirt.

Proximity to our factories helps us build stronger partnerships and make better decisions.

Discover our manufactories

Repair instead of dispose of.

Our textiles are made to be worn.

A torn seam, a lost button, a small tear, no problem, let us help you.

More about our repair service

Resense instead of dumps

Resense, "to make sense again".

Textile recycling is in its infancy. But we stay on the ball.

In the meantime, with Resense we are pursuing the textile reuse approach.

There are countless ways to reuse used textiles such as T-shirts or jeans.

Get inspired.

Show me more about Resense

Revolution instead of resignation.

Are you interested and inspired to make the world a little better with us?

As a supporter, you are right in the middle of things instead of just being there.

Be part of the revolution.

Find out more about the SOR revolution

give instead of take

10% of our turnover flows into the promotion of ambitious and talented bands.

For this purpose we have created the non-profit organization "Souls of Rock Foundation".

I want to know more about 10% for Rock'n'Roll

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