Organic cotton tank top with screen print

It's nice that you want to know more about me as your respectful companion. It's important to me that I have absolutely no secrets from you, because that's the only way you'll feel better with me.

my description

I am a classic cut tank top made of heavy yet super soft fabric.

- 210 gsm single jersey
- 100% organic cotton
- My RESENSE compensation is: 5 CHF/EUR/USD - find out more

My full transparency

My added value

I travel 12,505 kilometers from the organic cotton field in Tanzania to the finished printed T-shirt.

It is important to me that all partners who have taken care of my manufacture come from Europe. There's a lot of Switzerland in me, you can find out more about it in the “Swissness” section.

My price transparency

A price is always relative. The fact is that huge margins are charged on textiles, usually 3 to 7 times the production costs.

I'm not a mass-produced product and I'm usually made to order especially for you, because I don't want to be part of a discount battle.

My margin is slim and is used to pay rent, product development and salaries.


Creating training and jobs in Switzerland is more important to me than wearing one of the countless eco or ESG labels. By the way, there are over 450 of them worldwide.

I would much rather trust my European and Swiss manufacturing partners.

my care

-Turn inside out and wash with similar colors
- Wash at 30°C to protect myself and save energy
- To dry you pull me into shape and hang me up
- If you iron me, please do so inside out and at a medium temperature, 150°C
- Avoid putting me in the dryer, dry cleaning me, or bleaching me

My travel

cotton field

We source our fair trade organic cotton from organic farms in Tanzania, around 1,800 small farmers.

The cotton farmers only use GMO-free seeds for cultivation.

The small farmers are involved in the organic farms in a participatory manner and have worked for Remei Tanzania Ltd. Access to coaching and training to continuously educate yourself in organic farming.


The raw cotton is separated and processed into fibers in the ginning plant at Bibiti Ginneries in Tanzania.

The final product is the pressed raw cotton bale.


After a long journey of 10,222 kilometers, the organic cotton bales reach the Tearfil spinning mill in Portugal.

This is where the magic happens. The organic cotton yarn is spun from the approximately 200 kilogram bales of long-staple cotton.


The organic cotton yarn cones arrive at the Handel + Diller knitting mill in Germany after 1,966 kilometers.

The specialists from Balingen knit our heavy yet super soft fabric from it.


It is 144 kilometers from Balingen to Fehraltorf, Switzerland, and one of Europe's leading textile dyeing companies, E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG, is located here.

The company is a model in all respects. Starting with the production site in the middle of a residential area - which requires an ecological production method - through to wastewater treatment with one of the most modern systems in Europe.

We could continue the list at will, keywords local heating network waste heat utilization, 50% less water consumption, CO2 neutral production, Detox to Zero guidelines, but there is not enough space for that.


104 kilometers further in Willisau, LU Couture AG has been our partner for the manufacture of Swiss Made textiles since 2020.

In addition to quality and competence, LU Couture AG is characterized by something else that is also central to us.

Around 30 young, talented and enthusiastic personalities are being trained as clothing designers in the company.

screen printing

It is 61 kilometers from Willisau to Bern and here is the realm of an icon, Rob Butler.

Welcome to the world of Mister Butler.

Wonderful craftsmanship, precision and a trained eye ensure fantastic screen prints at all times.

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