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How is our clothing produced?

Full transparency and the complete traceability of our products is our demand and at the same time our motivation.
We simply want you to feel better in our clothes.

Where do the raw materials come from? Which manufacturers do we work with? How much do the employees earn?

Our transparency should leave no questions unanswered. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email to

Our clothing costs at least 5 times more to produce than comparable products of major brands. We work exclusively with European companies within a radius of 1,500 km, from the raw material through the entire production chain.

We see the manufacturers in our production chain as partners and not as suppliers.
In addition to safeguarding jobs within Europe, our aim is to meet our partners regularly and personally.

Transparency makes the difference, convince yourself.
Each of our new products is provided with a QR code and here you can find the direct links

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