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Ecologically and socially fair production of clothing – Made in Europe

Many are fed up with this sustainability blah-blah, sustainability has become a “buzz word”.

It is still unexplainable to us why the natural, normal, correct should be certified instead of denouncing the unnatural, burdensome or destructive.

The jungle of sustainability labels is becoming increasingly dense and opaque.
This label and certification story is a business, a lot of money is made with it. And it is always just a piece of paper with stamps.

It is an absolute tragedy and it is inhuman what is currently happening in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, etc., triggered by the worldwide pandemic. Thousands of factories have been closed down and millions of workers have not received a wage, not to mention the health threat. This is exactly where, unfortunately, the piece of paper does not work and all this on the backs of the poorest. We cannot and will not support this practice.

We are opting for our judgment. We have the choice between a piece of paper with a stamp or a person we can watch at work.

For this reason we visit our European partners (manufacturers of our production chain) exclusively in person. We are very happy…

Argiris, Giannis and Nora from Varvaressos S.A. in Greece
Günter Schneider from Feinjersey Fabrics GmbH in Austria
Helmut Diller from Händel + Diller GmbH in Germany
Urs, Claudia and Jürgen from Schellenberg Textildruck AG in Switzerland
Gonçalo and Joana from Tapa Costuras Lda. in Portugal

hopefully very soon.


With immediate effect, we are purchasing our packaging material exclusively from Monopac AG in Schaffhausen.

For the dispatch of our products – which are not packed in plastic – we have switched to grey cardboard (EcoBoard GK1)
EU origin, consisting of 100% recycled material, which makes a large contribution to the recycling of the collected waste paper.
Products made of grey board, unless they are coated with foil, can be added to the waste paper several times at the end of their life cycle and thus enter the recycling and production process again

Document bag

We obtain the document pouch from Monopac AG in Schaffhausen
The document pouch is made entirely of paper.
In combination with the environmentally friendly packaging, we can ensure an ecological, resource-saving and plastic-free single-material packaging.
This can be completely disposed of in waste paper or even composted.

Packaging tape

Environmentally friendly, made of 60 % bio-based material, high adhesive strength, unbleached, smooth paper carrier, tear-resistant, tearable by hand, no solvents.


Our products are at no time packed in plastic. Plastic consists of petroleum and is therefore a no-go for us.


A hangtag usually looks super cool, but nevertheless it ends up in the trash within seconds.
For this reason, we deliberately avoid the wear and tear of these resources.


For t-shirts we will only use screen printing from 2020. Labels may look noble, but they are woven from polyester (petroleum), therefore another no-go.

For the hoodies, we use fabric remnants from the cutting and have them screen printed.
If the fabric remnants are not sufficient, we use used t-shirts from our customers and have them cut and printed after cleaning.

Due to your regular and long-term use of our products there may be holes
Your product can get out of shape or you just don’t like it anymore.

No need to dispose of your product

Let’s give your product a second life, okay?

From your t-shirt we will produce either a festival bag or label labels for our hoodies.

And so you can send us your no longer used product back:
Just print out the address, stick it on and send it back to us with the lowest postal rate.

Return address_Switzerland – Die Post, B-Post up to 500g = CHF 1.80

Return Address worldwide to Germany – e.g. Deutsche Post, Grossbrief up to 500g = € 1.55

Thank you for giving your product a second life.