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We want to produce textiles which will give you pleasure for a long time.
Through your regular use, there may be holes, get out of shape or you just don’t like the product anymore.

This is not a reason to dispose of your T-shirt. Let us give your SOR T-shirt a second life, are you with us?

From your t-shirt we will either produce a festival bag or labels for our hoodies.

This is how you can send us back your SOR T-shirt:
Just print out the address, stick it on and send it back to us with the cheapest postal rate.

Return address_Switzerland – Die Post, B-Post up to 500g = CHF 1.80

Return Address worldwide to Germany – e.g. Deutsche Post, Grossbrief up to 500g = € 1.55

Thank you for giving your SOR T-shirt a second life