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Respectful clothing

It was a great pleasure for us to realize the following projects with wonderful personalities and institutions.


For Martin Bieri and his coaching company “bieri awesome coaching” we were allowed to produce denzente zippers.

This example shows that we are also happy to equip individual companies or small SMEs with respectful clothing.

No company is too small to be respectfully dressed.


Fridu Gerber and Marco Forster from the Ice Rock Festival have started the revolution for respectful clothing.

For the Ice Rock Crew and the great fans of this unique festival we were allowed to realize real hoodie jewels.
The embroidery of the hoodie alone took 4 hours and 35 minutes and included a total of 236 thousand stitches.

Of course, the hoodies are equipped with the world’s best zippers from YKK.
The side pockets are equipped with waterproof zippers and lining.

The noble pieces were made exclusively on pre-order of the Ice Rock fans and so the festival didn’t have to invest a single centime resp. didn’t have to pre-finance the production.


It was a great pleasure for us to produce great hoodies and zippers for the fantastic Kater Rock Bar with Dani Beck and Nelly.

The design by Marco Forster with the tomcat scratches is more than an eyecatcher, we were thrilled from the beginning.

Of course, the hoodies and zippers are equipped with the world’s best zippers from YKK.
The side pockets are equipped with waterproof zippers and lining.

The noble pieces were made on pre-order for the Kater fans and supporters.


Love Ride Switzerland stands for joie de vivre, beaming faces and the unconditional support of people with disabilities.

For this reason, we were not only extremely pleased but also very honored by the collaboration.

The Love Ride T-Shirt “Ein Herz bewegt!” was designed by our longtime friend and partner Marco Andermatt from Skillpin Tattoo.


We have known Marianne Hubert for years and we love Mom’s Place. Feel like at home with mom without having to act like it.

The pandemic has not passed M0m’s by without a trace and when the call to save Mom’s Place came, we didn’t hesitate for a second.
The friends, acquaintances, fans and supporters were able to secure a noble and respectfully produced Mom’s T-Shirt during the crowdfunding.

The M0m’s T-Shirt is 100% traceable and produced exclusively in Europe from cotton to finished product.

This design also comes from our friend Marco Forster.


We have known Pat Wydler for a long time and over all the years a wonderful friendship has developed.
Pat is one of the advocates of respectful clothing and together we want to inspire musicians and bands for this important and new way.

But what’s the point with long emails, text messages, phone calls or meetings. The respectful way has to be experienced in person.
For this reason, we have produced Pat’s very own t-shirt “Patman”.

The design was… yes exactly, implemented by Marco Forster.
BrandBias our producer in Portugal added white stitching to the cuffs, hem and collar for that certain something.

With this we wanted to show that in a collaboration with us no limits are set.


Flopsi, Luca, Severin and Dave are not only wonderful guys, but they have dirty rock’n’roll in their blood.

We were already really flashed at the first gig many years ago and therefore it was an honor for us to have this splendid specimen of a hoodie produced.

The design, who is surprised, comes from the wonderful Marco Forster.

Of course, the hoodie is equipped with the world’s best zippers from YKK.
The side pockets are equipped with waterproof zippers and lining.


Daniel Oppliger and Carmen Sailer contacted us and we talked via Zoom Meeting for over 2 hours about our collaboration.
Yes of course, we already knew both of them and still this meeting was something special.

We are excited to present another great and respectful product.
The design of Toro Flame’n’Co is fantastic and the color choices are at their finest.

Now we are looking forward to countless new Swiss Rock Cruise fans and t-shirt wearers and of course many unforgettable Rock Cruises.