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In the last 4 years, we have been able to build up a wonderful customer base in Germany and Switzerland and this is getting stronger and bigger every day.

With your commitment, we will establish our label in Europe over the next 3 years before we make the next expansion to the US.

You can see, we have big plans for the future and with REVOLUTION we intend to raise CHF 250’000 in liquid funds, with a maximum target of CHF 500’000.

Thanks to your investment, we will be able in a first phase to expand the product range with wonderful and sustainably produced articles. Here is the information on how we use your deposit.

Milestone I                                                                                                CHF 50’000

Milestone II                                                                                              CHF 50’000

Milestone III
CHF 80’000

Milestone IV                                                                                             CHF 70’000

Every musician has a favorite part in the wardrobe or dreams of one. Together we develop these products from A-Z and these can then of course be purchased