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We imagine a rock’n’roll community in which most of us care about nature and people.


We always want to challenge the status quo by


In 2014, Daniel Frey was responsible for the distribution of an American clothing label. However, this activity was not satisfactory and so he ended it after a year. However, the many conversations with musicians and bands have opened his eyes to how difficult it is for a passionate band to perform or take a tour.


Returning from the NAMM show in the USA in January 2015 and getting up early thanks to Jetlag, the idea was born. A philosophy which consists of 3 pillars …

Pillar 1: Building a high-quality Rock’n’Roll clothing label which supports the rock and metal bands worldwide with 10% of the turnover.
Pillar 2: Building a non-profit organization that implements the promotion of rock, hard rock and metal bands.
Pillar 3: First Rock’n’Roll Clothing Label which uses sustainable and ecological fabrics and produces transparently and fairly.


Three phone calls later made the idea a reality and Souls of Rock Clothing and the Souls of Rock Foundation were founded within three months. On this occasion a big big thank you to Roger Brunner, Scott Leach, Kevin Rechsteiner and Maya Schneeberger.


With the relocation of production from Turkey to Portugal, Souls of Rock Clothing implemented in 2018 the first step towards the realization of the 3rd pillar. Tapa Costuras, a STEP certified company, is cutting and sewing our products in Avioso Santa Maria, Portugal. STEP stands for Sustainable Textile Production by Oeko-Tex®


In spring, we made the groundbreaking decision that we want to establish an absolut sustainable and transparent value chain. From the raw material to the sewing thread, the procurement takes place within a radius of 1500 km. We are convinced and enthusiastic that in the future we will set new standards in the production of clothing. For this reason, we constantly question the status quo, do not hide behind any fake sustainability labels, but want to see and get to know people and production processes directly and on the spot.

Become part of the REVOLUTION. You can find more information right here.