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In the next few weeks our brand new fabrics will be dyed by Schellenberg Textildruck AG in Fehraltorf.
Our black fabrics will be complemented with the colours white, dark blue, olive, light grey and bordeaux.
In November, the fabric rolls are transported to LU Couture in Willisau, where the fabrics are cut and sent to the screen printing company Mister Butler in Bern.
New, wonderful and respectfully produced SWISS MADE products are created. Haaalt, stop!

What kind of design will be printed? This is exactly where you come in 🤩

Together with you we would like to realise your design idea.
You like to draw, you like to design? It doesn’t matter, what matters is your creativity.
The Souls of Rock community will vote on the best design.
The winning design will be realised on a t-shirt and sold in our shop. As a thank you, you will receive a fat voucher from us.
Now it’s up to your creativity!

Take part in the competition

Everyone, simply everyone, can take part.
Which fabric colour will you choose?
Will it be a design for the chest or the back?
Will you use design elements on the sleeve?
There are no limits to your creativity.
What inspires you? Life, music, people?
Show us your wonderful and unique design.
IMPORTANT: You have read the Design Competition Conditions and accept them in the form below.
It is important that no rights of third parties are violated.

Closing date – October 15, 2021

Please fill in the form below and send us your design by October 15, 2021 by email to this address:

The community chooses the best design

The community is spoilt for choice.
The online voting will take place from October 22 to 31, for which we will set up a new page.
We reserve the right to make a preliminary selection from a huge number of design ideas.

Your prize

If you win the community competition, we will have your design produced in Switzerland and offer it in our shop.
You will win prizes worth a total of CHF 666.00, i.e. 5 Swiss Made t-shirts worth CHF 466.00 for you and your most important people and a voucher worth CHF 200.00 for the entire Souls of Rock collection.

Thank you for your participation and good luck!


Design competition form

Fill in the form quickly and send your design by email to